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kobe bryant fantasy basketball 2012

Fantasy Basketball Rankings, Sleepers, Waiver Wire Work and more. This data is compiled from several sources related to fantasy basketball.

1.Kobe Bryant-Kobe is the best in fantasy basketball once again because of his ability to work the court in all areas including the rarer categories like steals and blocks.

2. Kevin Durant -Right on the heels of Kobe Bryant is this young stud who makes other players look bad just by stepping on the court. He hits threes, gets steals and blocks while doing all the other things a fantasy stat sheet stuffer does.

3. LeBron James -Another stud in fantasy basketball is King James with his abilities on the court. He can do everything.

4.Tim Duncan -He’s in the top five once again after posting good numbers again this season.

5. Chris Paul- He’s probably the best point guard in the NBA, but there are other young points who can play just as well.

6.Joakim Noah- He’s proved he’s worth a spot in the top ten of fantasy basketball with great all around numbers.

7.Carmelo Anthony -He continues to score at will with no end in sight. Keep him in your lineup in all formats at all times.

8.Dwight Howard – With Gasol out he’s a very valuable chip in fantasy basketball.

9.Stephen Curry -He’s on fire and will remain in the top ten for the foreseeable future.

10.Ryan Anderson -He’s a great value and has proved it game after game with above average threes and great all around stats.
Waiver Wire Work -Stats are over the last 7 day period, not a season average.

                                    Points     Rebounds      Assists          Steals         Blocks         Turnovers  

Shawn Marion            10.0              7.3                     2.9                 0.7               0.7                       1.9
Eric Bledsoe               10.0               2.9                     2.9                 1.5              0.7                        1.6
Derrick Favors             9.1                7.2                     0.6                 0.9              1.8                        1.5
Corey Brewer              11.8              2.9                     0.7                 1.2              0.3                        0.3
Gary Neal                     11.6              3.0                    1.9                  0.6              0.0                        1.5
Elton Brand                   6.6                6.4                    1.4                  0.7             1.3                        1.5

Waiver Wire Considerations

Kyle Korver
Nate Robinson
D.J. Augustin
Shannon Brown
Drew Gooden
James Johnson


As is the case in fantasy basketball, you have to avoid injuries in order to be successful.

This week we look at what players are injured and when you can expect them back in your lineup.

Derrick Rose- Could be February before he’s back in action.

Marcus Camby-Camby has missed eight straight games with a foot injury.

Hedo Turkoglu-He has a broken left hand and will not return very soon.

Nicolas Batum-He played Thursday night and should be good to go in all formats.

Kawhi Leonard-Not expected to play on the Spurs current road trip.

Brook Lopez-He is expected to return Friday

Pau Gasol-Looks like he will miss additional action due to a knee injury.



LeBron James – Can be had for a pretty penny. I myself just traded Dwight Howard and Paul Pierce for LeBron James and Tiago Splitter. Decent deal and James is worth it in the long haul ad I’ve won a lot of leagues with him in my lineup.

Tim Duncan – He’s having a great year once again and can be had for a nice combo deal of maybe a small forward/forward and a good guard or big man.

Anthony Davis – He’s a rookie, but he’s a player worth keeping an eye on in all formats of play. Fantasy basketball is a good indicator of how well players are actually playing at any given time.


Flops of the Week

Vince Carter- Carter should be helping carry the load in Dallas with Dirk gone for a little longer, but in the land of fantasy basketball, he can be dropped in favor of some of the aforementioned players.

Robin Lopez- A lot was expected of the new center, but he has thus disappointed with few points but a nice size of rebounds. He will have to turn it around for him to be valuable in fantasy basketball.

Samuel Dalembert-lack of playing time is what is hindering him right now. Just eighteen minutes per game doesn’t help his fantasy value.


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