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Hi, my name is Chris Gingrich and I’ll be your guide through the land of fantasy basketball. All the waiver wire moves to make, all the trades to look for and most of all, how to win.

Lets start off with some rankings.

1.Kobe Bryant- He’s the man right now with his historic milestone of reaching 30,000 career points.

2.Kevin Durant- Still worthy of the number one spot, but Kobe can’t be stopped right now.

3.Chris Paul- Still proving that he’s the top point guard in the league without a doubt.

4.LeBron James-He’ll get into his groove eventually, but he’s handily in the top 5 for now.

5.Tim Duncan- Still the best big man in the game without a doubt. The Big Fundamental will prove his worth over the course of the long season.

6.Stephen Curry- Still young and full of potential. The injury bug is always a risk here, but for now he’s on fire.

7.Chris Bosh- One of the premier big men in the league. Always a valuable asset in fantasy land.

8.Serge Ibaka- A great shot blocker and overall defender, but defense only goes so far, he needs to step up his scoring game to get into the top five.

9.Ryan Anderson – A do it all big man. It’s the threes that are key here, not many big men hit threes. 10.James Harden – Yes, hes awesome, and his top 10 player ranking proves that.

Keys to Success for this Week Look out for teams with four games this week, and more importantly, keep them in your lineup. The more games, the more points, the more points you score the better your chances of winning. Look out for injured players every day. Keep your eye on the injury reports because if you don’t, it will come back to bite you later in the week. Don’t be fooled by the guys who put up a good game or two and then go back to being bench warmers. Don’t add someone to your team who will inevitably burn you with injuries, poor play or just no playing time. Fantasy basketball is all about capitalizing on opportunities, not making your team worse by capitalizing on bad opportunities. Allow your team to find itself. What I mean by this is, don’t go dropping players who are doing poorly right now. The players you drafted in the first 5 rounds are your building blocks for the entire season like it or not. Give the players a chance to come around and you will be happy you did.

Waiver Wire Work – In Fantasy basketball, you have to work the waiver wire every day if you expect to build a winning team.

Jason Kidd, PG, NYK- Seems like he’s got some fuel left in the tank in New York which keeps him valuable in fantasy games 


Carl Landry, F, GS- Always consistant with the great field goal and some nice numbers to round it out.


Andre Miller G, DEN – Andre Miller is a dynamic point guard who can fill the stat sheet.

Eric Bledsoe, PG/SG, LAC- A combo guard with the skills to match. Keep an eye on him.

Marvin Williams SF, UTA- A good small forward, but playing time might be limited in Utah.

Derrick Favors, PF/C, UTA- Same as with Williams, he’s talented, but so are other players on the Jazz.

Tiago Splitter, C, SA- An excellent big man with good timing and great skills. He’s on plenty of waivers right now.

Daniel Gibson, PG/SG, CLE- He can give you the threes, but leaves something to be desired in the field goal department.

Shane Battier, F, MIA- A kind of jack of all trades but master of none. He can fill up the stat sheet once in a while though.

Dante Cunningham, PF, MIN- He seems to have found his role with the Wolves, now lets hope he can get more playing time.

Trades to Look For – Trades happen in fantasy basketball when both teams have a couple key players they are willing to both trade. Trades must be balanced for it to work out right. These players might be top ranked, but someone might be willing to part ways with them for the right deal.

Stephen Curry – Yes, he’s good. But his fantasy goodness also comes with the promise of injuries. Look for someone willing to part ways with this oft injured guard.

Joakim Noah – He’s a talented big man, but there is always somone looking for a good guard in every leauge. Maybe it’s time to trade him while his value is still high.

O.J. Mayo – He can hit threes like nobody’s business. Make him yours with a small offer of one or possibly two non top 25 guys.

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