2011 World Series of Poker Fantasy Game

Pick'em game!

The introduction of the pocket-cam revolutionized the game of poker, making the tournament infinitely more entertaining to watch. Now, Fantazzle brings the next level of poker entertainment with the introduction of Fantasy Poker.  @ Fantazzle.com, pick the guy who you think will last the longest in the WSOP tournament and win.  From the 6,865 players who began the tournament, only 1864 remain. The survivors will return on Thursday for day 3 of the tournament, which will be the first day when the entire field will be under one roof at the same time.

Last year’s WSOP winner, Jonathan Duhamel, was eliminated early on this year.  He trudged along throughout the early stages of the tournament but wound up another poker casualty, as he just couldn’t get anything going.  Duhamel is not the only star out before day 3, as both NBA All-Star Paul Pierce and poker legend Doyle Brunson have also lost their final chip.

Aleksandr Mozhnyakov will head into day 3 with the most chips totaling nearly 480, 000.  Other noteworthy performers and fantasy poker sleeper candidates who you might want to target when making your fantasy selections include Mike Sowers, Shaun Deeb, Sebastian Ruthenberg, David Diaz and Peter Feldman, all of which have total chip counts of at least 245,000 and poised to add more.  Below is a look at the top 10 chip counts heading into day 3 of 2011 World Series Poker action which will begin on Thursday, July 14th.

1. Aleksandr Mozhnyakov — 478,600
2. Tuan Vo — 434,500
3. Guillaume Darcourt — 410,500
4. Stephane Albertini — 400,100
5. Massimiliano Martinez — 355,000
6. Mike Sowers — 347,700
7. John Ranzi — 314,700
8. Josh Gaytan — 313,700
9. Christopher McClung — 313,600
10. Brendan Taylor — 313,50

Even though the tournament has already started, it’s not too late to enter into the new WSOP Fantasy game @ Fantazzle.  If you think you know poker, but don’t have the time or the money to enter the Main Event, try your hand at Fantasy Poker.  Simply pick the players you think will go the furthest. The game will be starting during day 3 of the tournament, so you can still get your picks in and make some money.


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