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What Fantasy Hockey Owners should have Learned from Fantasy Football.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

When I was prepping for my fantasy football draft in September I realized that when I drafted at the end of the first round Adrian Peterson was going to be on the board. Could I really pass on AP? I mean, this guy has been the most sought after man in fantasy football for the last couple of years and last year I would have given up my first born child to see him on my roster. That being said, he was coming off a terrible injury and I (like everyone else) feared he wouldn’t be the same.  So, like a fool I let him pass and watched AP have one of the best rushing seasons of all time while leading many fantasy owners straight to a fantasy championship.


In January I found my self again facing a similar issue. Being in the top spot of my NHL fantasy draft I knew I would have a shot to draft Sidney Crosby. Why shouldn’t I, he is considered by most to be the outright best player in the NHL isn’t he? But like Adrian Peterson, Crosby is coming off a horrific injury that has plagued him the last two seasons and there are a lot of other great players out there like Malkin, Sedin, Stamkos or even Ovechkin. I knew Crosby was a risk but I had learned from my mistakes. After passing on Peterson I decided I would not do the same with Crosby (more…)

Fantasy Hockey Stock Watch: Brad Boyes looks to Boost Buffalo

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Brad Boyes looks to be a solid addition to the Buffalo Sabres.

As we head into the final stages of this fantasy hockey season, it’s imperative to take note of key happenings during this time. With most fantasy hockey playoffs beginning this week and running for two weeks at a time in some cases, it’s crucial to exploit the proper matchups in order to achieve greatness. Take note of some key injuries while acting quickly in pouncing on the replacements in order to ensure certain victory and the opportunity to claim the title.

Thursday:  Buffalo @ Carolina

The Buffalo Sabres have enjoyed a bit of resurgence as of late and have crept back into the playoff race in the wide open Eastern Conference. New addition Brad Boyes has slotted nicely into the Sabres lineup (more…)

Fantasy Hockey Waiver Wire: Red Wings & Lightning Continue to Melt the Ice

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Purcell is heating up the ice.

Wing players are the most up and down position in fantasy hockey. Sliding up and down lines and going on hot and cold streaks can make any number of wings valuable throughout the season. Another reason value can change is because of trades. With the trade deadline looming, there should be a lot of roles changing in the NHL as teams decide whether they are in it for the long haul or out of it. Playoff teams will begin to stack their lines with proven talent while teams out of contention allow their young players to play. This week we highlight a couple Red Wings and a couple Sharks on the fantasy hockey waiver wire that are surging into the playoffs with their respective teams.

Teddy Purcell – RW – Tampa Bay Lightning

Purcell has been just good enough to be on and off fantasy rosters all season. He has been playing even better of late with current line mates Vinny Lecavalier and Simon Gagne. (more…)

Fantasy Hockey Stock Watch: Matchups to Exploit (February 16th)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Hall has a bright future with the Oilers and on fantasy hockey rosters.

As the fantasy hockey season nears the playoff stretch, more and more players are grinding away and trying to impress. The trade deadline is also looming in the very near future and those factors combined can make for some interesting results. A handful of guys have really caught fire of late and it’s imperative that those particular players find their way into your fantasy hockey lineup. This is the time of year to ride out hot streaks and put it into full gear before the season concludes.

Thursday:  Vancouver @ Nashville

Vancouver continues to find itself mentioned in this space frequently this year and their stranglehold on the top spot in the Western Conference is the main reason for that. (more…)