Daily Fantasy Sports Strategy: The Guaranteed Prize Pool

Courtesy of Fantazzle

I love playing GPP’s or Guaranteed Prize Pool’s. It is a huge part of my daily fantasy sports strategy. I never win them, but I love the thought of winning a huge prize by paying a little. Fantazzle offers some great options for GPP’s every week. The guy’s at Fantazzle cap these leagues (17-60 players) and then they pay out the top 8/10 places. Right now I am participating in a $5.50 and $11.00 NFL GPP that both have a potential prize pool of $300. That brings the top payout to about $111. I don’t know about you, but I could do a lot of damage with $111 (on Fantazzle or at the local bar.) One great thing about Fantazzle is that the leadership wants to keep the rake low to allow us to earn more. They are committed to having the best daily fantasy site on the web and this shines through their customer service/rake handlings. They also have extremely good business sense and don’t want to guarantee money without the players. This becomes an important factor about GPP’s because the more entries the higher the pot. That’s why every member of Fantazzle should be actively recruiting players for the site. Referrals earn you Fan Stock (which I love) and also bring higher earning opportunities for all of us. If we as “players” can recruit active players, then we could look at prize pools of $600, $1,000, or $2,000. More money means higher winnings and more people getting paid. I love the idea of more money!

GPP’s offer a little different strategy for the daily fantasy player. On Fantazzle, the GPP’s are salary cap games, obviously with the purpose of scoring the most fantasy points. I usually look for guy’s to play that are consistent. In my individual leagues I will throw in some “sleepers” to try and get a huge point boost. In GPP’s I will take a Tom Brady over a RG3. RG3 may get me 30 points, but he could also get me 10. Tom usually is consistent at about 20-25 points a game. This is how I try to get “in the money” as they say. I have never had the pleasure of winning one of the larger GPP’s, but I have finished in the money. I have also won a couple of the 17 person leagues, but just like every other daily fantasy player, we want to be in the big money. My strategy of consistency has been consistent, but I need a couple of my consistent players to go off all at the same time.

With this article I make a plea. Tell all of your acquaintances, friends, and family about Fantazzle. We as players, have the ability to make Fantazzle the best and highest paying Daily Fantasy Site on the web. I truly believe that this is why the leadership decided to name their rewards program Fan Stock. Fantazzle listens to the players, wants us to make money, and wants us to have fun playing the game that we love. I am looking forward to some of the highest paying NBA daily games on the web, now I off to do some more recruiting.

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