What Fantasy Hockey Owners should have Learned from Fantasy Football.

When I was prepping for my fantasy football draft in September I realized that when I drafted at the end of the first round Adrian Peterson was going to be on the board. Could I really pass on AP? I mean, this guy has been the most sought after man in fantasy football for the last couple of years and last year I would have given up my first born child to see him on my roster. That being said, he was coming off a terrible injury and I (like everyone else) feared he wouldn’t be the same.  So, like a fool I let him pass and watched AP have one of the best rushing seasons of all time while leading many fantasy owners straight to a fantasy championship.


In January I found my self again facing a similar issue. Being in the top spot of my NHL fantasy draft I knew I would have a shot to draft Sidney Crosby. Why shouldn’t I, he is considered by most to be the outright best player in the NHL isn’t he? But like Adrian Peterson, Crosby is coming off a horrific injury that has plagued him the last two seasons and there are a lot of other great players out there like Malkin, Sedin, Stamkos or even Ovechkin. I knew Crosby was a risk but I had learned from my mistakes. After passing on Peterson I decided I would not do the same with Crosby. I decided to take him at the top spot in the draft which was at least three or four spots higher then he went in many leagues. Since drafting him, Crosby has done nothing but score points and win me fantasy games. No one else in the league is close to Crosby’s ridiculous league-leading 45 points and I am looking like a genius. Crosby is not just having a good season- he is having a great season. He is in complete control of the race for the Heart Trophy and the Art Ross while passing and scoring the puck at an unprecedented rate. His incredible passing abilities were on full display this Sunday against the New York Islanders where he racked up five assists in a single game.

Anyone who happened to put the historically average Chris Kunitz on their fantasy team should probably send Crosby a big old thank you letter because Crosby has made this “average Joe” look like Joe Sakic. In Kunitz’s 10 seasons in the NHL the most goals he has over totaled in a season was 26; that is 0.317 goals per game. This season, playing with set-up master Sidney Crosby, he has 17 goals and 36 points over just 26 games. Thats an average of 0.654 goal per game. Not only is Crosby a great fantasy player but anyone playing on his line is as well.

Like him or not, Crosby has proven he is still the best player in the NHL and a sure thing number one overall pick in fantasy hockey. If Adrian Peterson and Sidney Crosby have taught us anything its that fantasy sports aren’t that hard. Don’t over think it. If you have the first pick then pick the best player. I guess its a little too late to hear this though- I am sure you won’t be seeing Adrian Peterson and Sidney Crosby falling too far in next year’s fantasy drafts.


James Mitchell


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