Beat the Fantasy Football Experts at RapidDraft for $100,000

It’s real nice being able to complete a 20 round, 12-team fantasy football draft in under a half hour at RapidDraft. RapidDraft is a unique, single-user game in which you compete against 11 experts, including NFL Hall of Famer, Broadway Joe Namath, Matt Pitzer from the USA Today, and the guys at Fantazzle Fantasy Sports. Your drafted team can be worth $100,000.

This fast paced draft is unlike any other you will experience. First off, you get to select your draft position. Some people enjoy picking first, some enjoy the middle and some enjoy having two pick in a row at the end of the draft. RapidDraft lets you experiment with different draft positions so you can pick the best team. And with 60 opportunities to draft a team, you have plenty of chances at that $100,000 prize.

Here’s the team I drafted from the 3rd position in my first ever RapidDraft free draft .

QB – Drew Brees (Round 2)

RB – Chris Johnson (Rd 1)

RB – Shonn Greene (Rd 3)

WR – Mike Sims-Walker (Rd 4)

WR – Pierre Garcon (Rd6)

WR – TJ Housh (Rd 7)

TE – Vernon Davis (Rd 5)

DEF – Dallas (Rd 12)

K – Rob Bironas (Rd 14)


RB – Montario Hardesty ( Rd 8 )

RB – LaDainian Tomlison (Rd 11)

WR – Donald Driver (Rd 9)

WR- Jacoby Jones (Rd 10)

WR – Mario Manningham (Rd 15)

WR – Demaryius Thomas (Rd 13)

WR – Armanti Edwards (Rd 20)

QB – Matt Hasselback (Rd 16)

TE – Todd Heap (Rd 17)

Def – Chicago (Rd 18)

I was ecstatic getting Chris Johnson with the 3rd pick and could not pass up. I was planning on taking Ray Rice with that  pick, thinking Johnson and AP would go 1-2. But at the third spot, I’d be crazy to not  take Chris Johnson. Brees was the second QB taken off the board after Rodgers. Brees was a tough choice, as I was also looking at DeSean Jackson and rookie RB Jahvid Best at that position too. It was too early to take Best and I like Jackson this year, but did not want to miss out on a top tier QB.

Although I don’t have the best WRs on my team, I’m happy with the depth I have, especially getting Driver, Jones and Manningham in the later rounds. With Sims-Walker, Garcon and TJ, I’m comfortable starting any six of those during the season. I sacrificed getting Brees rather than a quality #1 WR. Hopefully it pays off.

Even if this isn’t the $100,000 winning team, I have 59 other opportunities to draft a different team to compete for that cash prize. And with this fast pace draft, I’ll be taking advantage of all of those 59 drafts I have left.

Register at RapidDraft now and try to beat Fantazzle and the other experts. Bragging rights are always fun!

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