2012 Fantasy Football: The Daily Debacle

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My Sunday was exactly as the title says; a debacle. I was coming off of a high from Saturday because of a successful college football day. When it comes to the NFL I have found out that I strongly dislike choosing any players that play against the Oakland Raiders. I have suffered at the hands of the Raiders on back to back weeks. I also feel that I have to leave my “coaching mind” behind. I sometimes analyze too much and I put my hope in mediocre quarterbacks that play against awful pass defenses. Two weeks ago the Raiders put MJD out after a whopping 6 yards. This week Jamaal Charles decided that about 4 fantasy points would put me over the top in my GPP leagues. So just because it looks good on paper (Charles vs. Oakland D and Quinn starting) it is not always the best choice. On paper Sam Bradford was supposed to demolish the Patriots awful pass defense, but of course he decided London was not the town for showing off.  Enter about 10 fantasy points from stage left. Thanks to these two awful showings and Reggie Bush flying out of his fantasy shell (about 5 pts) I saw devastating defeats at the hands of TwineTickler/BJBJBJ. I consider both players to be extremely knowledgeable and some of the best players on Fantazzle, so the sting doesn’t hurt near as bad.

My new strategy this Sunday is to take the over thinking out of my picks. I love the fact that NBA starts this week because I can take my mind off of solely analyzing the NFL. I am also going to check out FantasyFootballSportal on a more regular basis.FFS has one of the most accurate projection guys on the web, Zachary Fluewelling, Zac finished Top-10 last year on Fantasy Pro’s and after following him for a couple of weeks the guy is good. I personally just have to stop being so stubborn and utilize Zac for projections. The guy knows fantasy football and he knows Fantazzle.  At about 70% accuracy this year Zac is once again high up on the list.

I am hoping that this week will be my turnaround week for NFL games. I am going to play for consistency and look for guys that are, what I like to call “15 pointers.”  I may not score the highest, but I want to score this week and at least have a shot at some wins. Until then I look forward to playing a lot of daily NBA games. Happy Playing!

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