Week 4 Fantasy College Basketball Player Update!

Jeff Withey 2012/2013

Jeff Withey, 2012/2013 Center

We are four weeks into College Fantasy Basketball season.  With the games that have been played so far the small movement in the AP rankings shouldn’t surprise us.   In the next couple of weeks we will see start seeing if a few of these teams that are ranked deserve their rankings.  There are a few teams I am watching due to the fact I think they are ranked too high and Creighton is one of them.  However while we do have these Top 25 teams ranked I have chosen a few players that you will benefit from in your College Fantasy games.


Brandon Paul, University of Illinois:  Paul is off to great start averaging 18.7 PPG and is a true leader for the Illini.  Paul is one of the best guards in the league and with the team he has around him he is an asset to your Fantasy Basketball lineup.

Kenny Boynton, University of Florida: Boynton is off to a good start this year averaging 16.2 PPG.  Yes there are other guards out there averaging more PPG right now, but if you watch Boynton and his ball control, his hustle, and his shooting ability his numbers will impress you come conference play.


Tyler Griffey, University of Illinois:  Another asset to the powerhouse of the Illini.  Griffey is off to a slow start and hasn’t found his groove yet, but he does have 8 blocks so far.  Griffey is a smart player and also is another player come conference play his game will step up and produce some higher numbers.  Griffey has the hustle and knows how to draw fouls, but with that he can get into foul trouble sometimes.

Mason Plumlee, Duke University:  Plumlee is the obvious choice for a starting forward in your Fantasy College Basketball lineup.  Plumlee’s numbers speak for themselves.  He is averaging 19.7 PPG and 10 RPG.  Plumlee is a must start in any of your fantasy game lineup.


Jeff Withey, Kansas University: Withey is the Center you want starting every chance you get.  Remember we are only 4 weeks in and he already has 37 blocked shots.  He is also averaging 14.2 PPG not to bad for a Center.

Gorgui Dieng, University of Louisville:  If you haven’t heard yet Dieng is out 4-6 weeks with a broken left wrist.  The reason I am adding him in this article is because after he comes back give him about a week or so and he will start putting up big numbers for you.


Le’Bryan Nash, Oklahoma State University:  Nash is smart, he is quick, and he can shoot.  Nash is a very hands on player making him a great Utility player.  He is averaging 19.2 PPG and 6.4 RPG.  Nash is a must start in your fantasy games.

We have a lot of basketball left and plenty of time to evaluate players for our fantasy lineups.  I like these players based off of their performance so far and the fact I see the improvements that make each week.  They may have an off week but they come back each game after and play harder.  These are players you must look for when you pick your fantasy lineup in any sport.

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