March Madness Bracket Game Presented by Steiner Sports at Fantazzle: Over $3,000 in Prizes!

March Madness Bracket at Fantazzle

Fill Out Your March Madness Bracket at Fantazzle!

Weekly Fantasy Sportal and Fantazzle Sports are pleased to present a prize package worth more than $3,000 for the winners of the free March Madness Bracket Game presented by Steiner Sports. All contestants in the March Madness Bracket Game are playing for a chance to win over $3,000 in gift cards at Steiner Sports which can be used for sports memorabilia, amongst other items. While gift cards will be the main prizes awarded Steiner Sports will also be offering special promo codes with great discounts for contestants.

In total there are prizes available after every single round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. As the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament continues there will be a new opportunity to win. If you fall behind or feel you do not have a chance to win the overall prize, you may still be able to win one of the great round-by-round prizes. This is the only game of its kind and is only available at Fantazzle!

Contestants will receive points from each correctly chosen matchup; more points will be awarded for making correct selections further along in the bracket. The player who has the most points at the end of the contest wins!

Remember it’s FREE to fill out these March Madness Brackets and it’s only available at Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games!

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