College Basketball Shockers and Letdowns?



Seth Curry 2012-2013

Seth Curry & Duke 2012-2013

College Basketball  kicked off last Friday, but did we see any games with a shocking outcome?  Were there any players that you feel got hyped up and just didn’t perform?  By the end of this week teams should have a better idea of their starters and how to rotate their bench to keep the starting five fresh.  Remember, it’s early and we won’t really know how these teams will stack out until they reach conference play.  However, from looking at the AP top 25 rankings and watching a few of these ranked teams we are going to have some big movements if they don’t step up their game.


After watching the #21 Michigan State and #7 Kansas game I noticed a few things that both teams need to improve on if they want to stay ranked.  First off, Michigan State showed last night why you can’t under estimate them with the win over Kansas.  However, this wasn’t the team I watched when they lost to #23 Connecticut.  There were a few times in the Connecticut game where Michigan State looked lost on defense and couldn’t keep up with the speed of Connecticut.  It was the first game of the season so I am going to give Michigan State the benefit of the doubt that they underestimated Connecticut as a team.  When you look at how they performed last night against Kansas their defense was not letting up.  They did get burned on a few fast breaks, but they came back down the court and showed the weaknesses in Kansas’ defense.  Kansas has some conditioning issues plus they need to move the ball more.  Keith Appling is showing why he is a great player and a good Fantasy College Basketball starter.  Appling had 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal, and 17 points in the loss to Connecticut and he had 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals, and 19 points last night in the win over Kansas.  This is not a bad start to the season and you should look for his numbers to improve as the season moves forward.


We had another interesting game last night with #9 Duke taking down #3 Kentucky.  Kentucky is a young team and I feel the AP and Coaches poll both over valued this team.  Kentucky’s defense couldn’t keep up with the fast paced ball movement of Duke.  I will say this about Duke – if they want to win a national championship they better keep Mason Plumlee out of foul trouble.  He ended up fouling out of the game, but luckily for Duke the defense of Kentucky just wasn’t there last night.  Both of these teams have great players for your Fantasy College Basketball games, though.  Keep your eyes on Duke’s (G) Seth Curry, freshman (G) Rasheed Sulaimon, and (F) Mason Plumlee. Even with young players, Kentucky players for you to watch include (F) Alex Poythress, (F) Nerlens Noel, (G) Archie Goodwin.  Watch out for Goodwin as he may be young, but with coach John Calipari’s experience he is going to be a good player for you to start in your fantasy basketball games  this season.


Are there some players that got hyped up and over valued this season?  It’s too soon to tell so let’s wait until teams get into conference play before we make that decision.  There is one player that if you had on your watch list you better remove him until UCLA puts an appeal in with the NCAA.  Freshman Shabazz Muhammad was ruled ineligible for violating recruitment rules.  Muhammad has speed, ball control, and with his skill set he is a great utility player.  Keep an eye out for him, but my guess is you won’t see him until early to mid January, if at all this season.


Look for changes in the AP rankings in the next 3 to 4 weeks, but for now the rest of the Top 25 teams performed the way they were expected to with no real let down’s.  Every team has some conditioning and fundamental work ahead of them to get ready for the big show down’s in March. Also, keep your eye out for sleeper players the next couple of weeks as they may just surprise you what they can do for your Fantasy Sports Games.  Have a safe, fun week and enjoy all of the College Basketball you can.

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