2012 Fantasy Basketball: Top 5 Forwards

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One of my colleagues made a point to point out that Kobe Bryant wasn’t a point guard if you get my point. I apologize for the confusion, but I meant to say top 5 guards, which can be PG or SG. The same colleague also wanted to know my player name on Fantazzle, because he recently joined and claimed he wanted to make sure he knew who to beat. For all other players motivated by beating me (ha-ha I hope not many) the name is Tobinator44 and I look forward to all Fantazzle challengers. With NBA opening day looming closer I move on to my highest scoring fantasy basketball position, the Forwards. I love the fact that King James and the Durantula can potentially score me 50 a night, but I also have to realize how much they cost in salary games. They are excellent picks in limited lineup games. So here it goes, my top 5 forwards and this can be SF or PF.

Lebron James: I have to admit, this may be because of some personal bias. I am a huge King James fan. Lebron is the most prolific player in the NBA (take that Kobe fans.) His presence of the court reminds me of MJ’s presence (I know he doesn’t have all the rings, but he will.) For daily fantasy players he is a promise of 25 pts and 10/10 rebounds/assists, for me he is a promise of NBA greatness!

Kevin Durant: The Durantula is sick. The guy is crazy good and he rivals the fantasy power of the King himself.  The guy just recently put up 44 in a preseason game, along with points in each fantasy category. He will average exactly the same as Lebron, but will run you a pretty penny in all salary leagues. He will score, but will he be worth the price in anything but limited lineup leagues.

Blake Griffin: Griffin is the greatest dunker of all time. Big statement, but the guy dunked over a car and he makes the Sports Center Top 10 daily. Griffin is in the teens in points and rebounds every night. He solidifies the term double double. I have to take him just because of the alley’s he gets from Chris Paul. He will be a little less pricey and a better option in salary leagues.

Josh Smith: This was the spot reserved for Kevin Love, but with Love’s injury it makes room for Smith. Smith is the NBA’s version of Jay Cutler. I don’t necessarily like the guy, but he is a performer. He averages 19 pts a game and can get the daily fantasy player 10 rebounds a night. He is a guy that fits the salary cap and is consistent.

Carmelo Anthony: Melo minus Lin equals Melo the Superstar. Carmelo wasn’t feeling the Lin train last year. I think that if Carmelo can learn to play with Stoudemire this year (share the spotlight) then he could rival Lebron and Durant. He is a scorer and now one of the only scorers for the Knicks. His production during the Olympics makes me think the guy is getting ready to go off this year. He is averaging 23 a game, but I look to see him score more. I don’t see the rebound and assist production, but he will score.

Be on the lookout for sleeper info and a recap of fantasy scorers after Tuesday/Wednesday. Happy playing on Fantazzle, I look forward to competing.

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