Profiling a Daily Fantasy Sports Player

Courtesy of FantazzleAs I sat in my recliner, eating popcorn, and watching NCIS (as any normal man pushing 30 would do and because Gibbs is a badass) I had an epiphany. Well, not really an epiphany, just a thought. Being an avid daily fantasy player I wondered what the typical profile of a player in our industry was. Just as the profilers on NCIS, my mind was seeing an entangled web of personalities. My wife claims that it is me versus a bunch of college students scraping up tens to get beer money. I, however, like to think that I am the normal. I am a hobbyist player, with a 9-5 job, wife, kid, and suburbanite house. Most of the banter at work is relative to fantasy sports and when I get home the same between friends. I personally think some of the most efficient workers are the ones that take that 5 minute break daily to search some statistics. I want this industry to thrive. I want there to be daily fantasy professional players making a living off of fantasy sports. I want there to be more players, because inevitably this drives a bigger pot percentage for all of us around the industry. I want Fantazzle to grow, because the games and interface are made for simplistic, but profitable game play. I also love the idea of Fan Stock and envision shareholder meetings like in fortune 500 companies. We got to pay to play, but we also have to pay to build this great industry.

During the next couple of weeks I am going to examine the players of this great game. I am going to interview a successful player from every facet of our game. From the starving college student, to the young adult, to the daily fantasy professional, to the older hobbyist. There are a plethora of different players from locations all over the world and as cliché as this sounds their stories must be told. When I first started playing in the industry I would Google search players to get a grasp of strategy. I never came across any pertinent information and this series of articles will change that for new players. Hopefully through our interviews we can help new players see the enjoyment, the strategy, and the profitability of the games. Be on the lookout for these weekly interviews, along with strategy articles to assist the beginning players.

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