Daily Fantasy Sports: Strategy versus Luck

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Doug Martin… (Silence and crickets.) Well that’s pretty much all I can say on this Tuesday after a monumental fantasy performance. Every daily fantasy player (and season long player) wishes they had Doug Martin on their fantasy team.  Dougy Fresh had a whopping 51 fantasy points, this rivals my Michael Vick performance of 57 a couple years back. The daily fantasy dream is to get a guy that produces numbers like Martin every week. I did have a similar performance with my pick of James Harden, during a NBA match up last week. It is like Christmas morning every time I wake up to a high scoring performance. It is great when they happen, but searching these high scorers out can be the downfall of the daily fantasy player’s bankroll.

I am a big proponent of consistency. I like to take the guys that I am sure will score every week. Sometimes this is my downfall, because I never take risk. Sometime this is my path to success because everyone else has take guys that are a “shot in the dark.” Ultimately it boils down to scoring and in all leagues you want 20+ point guys for football and 30+ point guys for basketball. If you can’t consistently score these amounts then you are destined for a losing effort.

I had an extremely successful college football week, due to the consistency method and the fact that Tyler Bray had what seemed like a million yards passing. In the daily fantasy game it is the guys that manage their bankroll and play consistent choices that profit in the long run. Will there ever be professional daily fantasy players? Who knows, but what I do know is that the way to make money is to be consistent and apply the 30% bankroll method every night.

I also think the most important aspect of daily fantasy is to research. I think that players have to research their research and then research that information. The biggest killer to a successful fantasy night is to pick a player that is injured or inactive. I have only done this twice and could have shot myself in the foot both times. It is extremely important to know the sport that you are picking for, I have seen some guys that are statistical gurus and they pick by averages. These guys are few and far between. The most important thing is to stay abreast of the information that comes out daily. Watch Sports Center, read the Rotowire, follow the twitter accounts of players, and read the newspaper (this is my most important one.) If you do all of these things and you have basic fantasy knowledge you can be very profitable in this game. It is also important to visit your daily fantasy site of choice on a daily basis. These sites come out with new games every week. Fantazzle has just released some awesome new GPP games and their week long games are the best in the industry. Happy playing and check out Fantazzle when you get a chance!

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