Daily Fantasy Sports Strategy: Hedge Your Teams

Courtesy of Cleveland Cavaliers

A Bruised Hip, that’s what did it for me. I lost multiple games because a guy decided to sit out with a bruised hip. What professional athlete has the nerve to sit out of a game because of a bruised hip? For the anonymity of the athlete, I won’t name any names, but I will say he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers (a center “hint hint”.) I was banking on 30 pts and woke up to a big 0. This was definitely detrimental to my Thursday and did not bid well for everyone that I came in contact with. This leads me to an important strategy move for all daily fantasy sports players, hedge your teams. Daily fantasy sports strategy means the difference between profit and not. Just as sports bettors hedge their bets, daily fantasy players have to add in a fail-safe  This fail-safe is to provide players with multiple chances to make money. My favorite daily fantasy site, Fantazzle, has multiple opportunities for the player to hedge their teams and become profitable.

Because I was so confident in my team, I created multiple entries with the same team. I just knew that I would score the total of points that I had calculated in my head. Unfortunately I didn’t account for an injury. The NBA injury is the worst possible thing that can happen to a player, because teams usually don’t release this information until game time. I didn’t know that my guy was going to be out and suffered dearly (monetary terms.) All 10 of my entries were worthless. I was so confident in my team that I forgot to hedge.

Daily fantasy players have to create multiple lineups. With multiple lineups it is easy to lose one game and win the next. My strategy (unless I get arrogant like my favorite player Cam Newton) is to play multiple lineups in head to head match-ups and the same lineups in GPP’s. With the new addition of weekly GPP’s at Fantazzle it makes it easy to provide multiple lineups and multiple entries. I try to create a consistent team and a go getter team. My go getter teams include multiple sleepers that could potentially payout big, but they could also end up in the gutter. The consistent team is a sure fire hit and usually plays best in 50/50 and head to head games. I have definitely seen the importance of hedging this year due to the monumental bankroll hit the other night. Daily fantasy players have got to protect themselves from these low nights. This is truly the only way to stay in the game. Happy playing and good luck!

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