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College Fantasy Football | Week 11 Wide Receivers

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Wide receiver’s are often perceived as divas and ego maniacs. It seems like an inherent flaw in the receiver gene pool in which they’re always demanding the ball, and while that may be annoying for their quarterbacks, that’s exactly what we want  as fantasy owners. This week we take a look at some wide receivers who are must starts in weekly college fantasy football games.


Justin Blackmon

Blackmon headlines the week 11 receivers

1. Justin Blackmon – Earlier this week, we listed Brandon Weeden, Blackmon’s QB, very high due to the sheer number of attempts he gets, and due to the fact that he’s facing the 104th ranked passing defense in the country. Blackmon may be the most talented receiver in the nation and he’ll benefit just as much, if not more, from this matchup. (more…)

2011 Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

The Patriots are on a two-game losing streak and now face a road game against the Jets

Do you know when was the last time Tom Brady lost a regular season home game? I’ll tell you when it was: November 12, 2006 against the Jets.

Last weeks loss to the Giants ended a couple of noteworthy streaks:

-Wins in 31 regular-season starts at home for Brady (an NFL record)

-20 regular-season home games for the Patriots

Enough of the bad news though. Let me highlight some of the positive news coming from the Patriots locker room. Um. Um. Oh yeah, they got rid of Albert Haynesworth. Considering the Patriots actually had a top ten rushing defense, I don’t know if this will make them better or worse.

Now, on to the bad news once again: (more…)

2011 Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Big Ben finally got the best out of the Patriots

The media barely covered quarterback acquisitions in the offseason until Kolb signed with the Cardinals. Then all the hype/speculation went through the roof. Kolb was going to take the Cardinals to the next level. He was going to make the Eagles regret losing him. He was going to hook up with Fitzgerald more times than Kim Kardashian would hook up with athletes. He was going to take the Cardinals straight to top of the NFC West.

But then Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers got in the way of Kolb and the entire NFC West.

Alex Smith (more…)

2011 Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Revis has 3 interceptions in the last two games.

The only thing that hasn’t changed after Week 7 is the fact that the Green Bay Packers are undefeated. Although their defense isn’t as dominant as it was last season, I still don’t think there is a team in the NFC that can handle a shootout with the Packers comeaway with a win. I tip my hat to the Packers and hope they enjoy their bye week.

This week’s biggest gainers: NEW YORK JETS

The Jets started this season with a bang. In their first game of the season, they intercepted Tony Romo late in the 4th quarter which led to a touchdown and would eventually help the Jets win the game by 3. In their next game, they hammered the Jacksonville Jaguars 36-3 but nobody cared because it was just the Jaguars. After Week 2, things took a turn for the worse when they lost three straight games against the Raiders, Ravens, and the Patriots. People began to lose faith in Marc Sanchez and Rex Ryan’s defense. (more…)