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Must-See 2011 NCAA Bowl Games

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

The Controversial BCS Is Back To Wreak Havoc!


The 2011 NCAA Football regular season is just about in the rearview for the year and now seems as good a time as any to immerse yourself into the NCAA’s second season…bowl season. If it feels to you as though each year around this time you have to get reacclimatized to an entirely new set of bowl games and names alike, that feeling would be dead on. I personally feel like I’ve got a real strong grasp on this process and every single year they keep me guessing. This particular bowl season is shaping up to be real entertaining since many of these squads can match each other in the talent department. In the interest of time and also everyones collective sanity, lets pick out five of the most intriguing games and dig deeper to find why we should even care to check in at all.




The 2011 NFL Draft Pick’em Game Only at Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games!

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Predict the NFL Draft and win big!

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games is the foremost authority when it comes to daily and weekly fantasy sports games and they are upping the ante this time around. Fantazzle is extremely pleased to announce the NFL Draft Pick’Em Contest. This is the inaugural offering of this game so be sure to get in on the ground floor and get involved! Make your selections early and lock yourself in for a chance to win some of the great prizes being offered!

No one is a huge fan of pages and pages of rules, so we made this game as easy to follow as ever. Each matchup will present you with two options, or in other words, two players in the NFL Draft. You must select one player from each predetermined matchup by deciding who will be drafted higher than the other. You receive one point for each correct answer you lock in and if you are able to grab more points than your opponent, victory is yours. (more…)

Fantasy Hockey Stock Watch: Knuble and Neuvirth on the Rise

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Neuvirth is playing well as of late.

Time is surely running out on the Fantasy Hockey season and its now or never if dreams of making the championship are still dancing around your head. Now is not the time of year to hold on to injured stars much longer than necessary and sometimes cutting bait is the best option. If one of your more productive players has just recently been on the receiving end of a nasty injury, don’t let past production and a heavy hart confuse you into hanging on too long. Points are at a premium at this time of year and it really doesn’t matter one bit where they come from. Here are a couple games this week with huge fantasy implications. (more…)

Fantasy Hockey Stock Watch: Sharp and Toews Have the Blackhawks on a Roll

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Patrick Sharp is on fire for the Blackhawks.

By the time you read this column, many of you will be well into the playoff portion of your fantasy hockey campaign. Pickings are slim on the waiver wire and trades are no longer an option. The time to make any major alterations to your lineup have come and gone, so the squad you are staring at today is the one that must lead you to the finish line. Playing the correct skaters in the proper matchups is crucial at this pivotal time of the season. Make sure you trot out your best possible combination of skill and grit so as to not be eliminated from contention early. There is plenty of action this week, so don’t be shy about tinkering with your lineup.

Wednesday:  Chicago @ Tampa Bay

The Chicago Blackhawks continue to storm towards the playoffs and a large portion of the credit for that success must go directly to Patrick Sharp. (more…)