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Fantasy Racing Salary Cap Preview: Jeff Byrd 500

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

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Salary Cap NASCAR games have their advantages and disadvantages for fantasy owners. Being able to adjust your lineup on a weekly basis eliminates the dreaded bust that many owners in draft-style leagues face. If Mark Martin has a bad year and you drafted him, you are stuck with him. If you picked up Martin in a Salary Cap league and he is struggling, you can simply drop him and pick up someone else.

On the flip side, setting your lineup in a Salary Cap league is a weekly challenge. You can’t use a set it and forget it approach if you want any chance of winning the title. Not to mention the fact that, you have to make difficult roster decisions each and every week. A 36-race season creates a lot of chances for buyer’s remorse. Every other weekend, you can find yourself regretting a pick and wishing you had just decided to go with a different driver. (more…)